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Be encouraged are Aminata’s reflections on daily life and subsequent inspirational messages aimed at encouraging people to embrace the work on the path to an inclusive society.

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Caught between two countries, and then there was the inauguration
I live in a country hailed by UNICEF as the best country for (white) children and teenagers to grow up in, a curious nomination as I traverse the halls of its educational systems every day. I live in a country where recently the government stepped down because they had to …
Let me be clear
What I do do is pro-human work…Aminata cairo Let me be clear… I don't do anti-racism work. I also don't do anti-sexism, anti-agism, anti-LGBTQ+-phobia work, or any other anti-ism work. What I do do is pro-human work and try to engage and reach and stir that what makes us human …
My Heart Weeps
My heart weeps for what is going on here in Saint Louis, but it equally weeps for people in Gaza, Israeli's in Israel so afraid of a few that they feel they have to resort to bombing the many, a million of Iraqi's fleeing for their lives, for people in …



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This dissertation describes the results of a two year anthropological investigation into the concept of mental well being among the working class Afro-Surinamese population in Paramaribo, Suriname. More specifically, the research investigated how working class Afro-Surinamese in Paramaribo, Suriname define and maintain their sense of mental well-being, given their unique ethnic identity within a multi-ethnic and multicultural society, and given that their environment is heavily compromised by negative globalizing forces…


Yeye Sani: an Afro-Surinamese concept of the self in a model of mental well being.

This article presents a model of mental well being based in Afro-Surinamese knowledge, experience, and cultural history. The model is the result of a two-year-long ethnographic research project in Paramaribo, Suriname. Suriname is a former Dutch colony in South America, which is known for its harmonious, multi-cultural, and multi-ethnic society. The mental well being model entitled Opo Yeye – which translates into ‘‘Raising the Spirit’’ – reflects an extended sense of self which is traversed and governed by forces seen and unseen. Mental well being is achieved through striving for harmony between all these forces that contribute to the self. The article provides an in-depth exploration of the concept of the self and highlights the historical origins, yet its contemporary value.

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Connecting Our Stories

From the Lectorate of Inclusive Education (2019), The Hague University of Applied Sciences:

Inclusive education is about creating optimal learning opportunities to accommodate students of all backgrounds, but requires dealing with those difficult issues…. We need to talk about that, but how?… In this volume the members of the knowledge circle and student branch have taken a first step. The assignment was to write about their involvement with the lectorate, but to share where their passion came from. There is a reason why you are so passionate about this (difficult) topic, something about your story that drives you to want to do this. Share that.



Applied Anthropology developed out of a consciousness and a sense of responsibility for using anthropological skills to work with and for communities. Applied anthropology as practiced within academia is a relatively young branch of anthropology and is still trying to find a comfortable place within the discipline itself and the academic arena as a whole. This article explores the intricacies and negotiations inherent in academically applied anthropological research through an example of a community-based research project with an African American drumming organization. The emphasis is on the process of applied anthropological research and the intricacies involved.

COMING SOON – Research

Stories of Solidarity

Stories of Solidarity…. It is with great pride that I can announce that I am part of a team representing Netherlands/Suriname/USA, Mexico, South Africa, and Pakistan. My team members and I are engaging communities as part of an ISS (International Institute of Social Sciences) sponsored initiative. During the Covid lockdown wonderful stories were being shared about solidarity and support in The Hague. However some stories were absent or misrepresented. Through storytelling we are going to address that. We will engage with the predominately Islamic, Pakistani and Latinx communities through community organizations to collect stories and create representative stories. We are including students from arts and design and music to contribute. We will select storytellers from the community to lead the storytelling gatherings. We will also use the internet and social media to share these stories. We hereby hope to add to the The Hague story landscape; to learn about promoted, perceived and experienced solidarity; and to inspire and empower certain community groups with their own stories…

Stay tuned.

audio stories.

Super Secret – Aminata Cairo and Samir Barrett
Hansel and Grettel in Dark times – Aminata Cairo and Leonidas Kassapides
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Sample reading 2 – Holding Space
Sample reading 3 – Holding Space