Speaker, Scholar, Storyteller.

From motivational keynotes to hands-on trainings, Dr. Cairo engages people, communities and organizations to implement positive change and communicate the message that every story has value.


Born and raised in the Netherlands to Surinamese parents, she left for the US to pursue her college education.  She obtained a dual Bachelor in Psychology and Physical Education, Master’s Degrees in Clinical Psychology and Medical Anthropology and a Ph.D. in Medical Anthropology… (read more)


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My new book Barbershop Wisdom: Lessons from a D-1 Dad is now for sale in the Netherlands. This book is a collaboration with Justin Jonhson, Sr. In it we learn about his journey of fatherhood, entrepreneurship, and family.

barbershop wisdom.

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Holding Space: A Storytelling Approach to Diversity and Inclusion

Published by Aminata Cairo Consultancy

What I do then is to hold space.  Specifically I hold space for the stories that are normally overlooked, silenced, marginalized or dismissed.  My ultimate goal is to normalize these spaces as part of the larger multi-storied mosaic.  If the larger space is transformed by it, than that is beautiful.  However, this is not what I set out to do, not anymore. Striving for that goal merely leads to disappointment I have found.  Terms such as diversity and inclusion are misleading… Learn more. 

Holding Space is now for sale!

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Published by Aminata Cairo Consultancy

After that day my mommy took me with her to the doctor a few times.  The doctor explained how the medicine was going to change my mommy’s body and that she would have to take shots.  I didn’t like that idea, but my mommy said she didn’t mind.  He asked if I had questions and I asked him if he was going to teach my mommy how to pee standing up.  He laughed at that, but never gave me an answer. Learn more


Holding Space with Aminata Cairo and Winnie Roseval