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From motivational keynotes to hands-on trainings, Dr. Cairo engages people, communities and organizations to implement positive change and communicate the message that every story has value.


Helsinki 2019 – The 31st Annual EAIE Conference and Exhibition.


Born and raised in the Netherlands to Surinamese parents, she left for the US to pursue her college education.  She obtained a dual Bachelor in Psychology and Physical Education, Master’s Degrees in Clinical Psychology and Medical Anthropology and a Ph.D. in Medical Anthropology… (read more)

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Hebi Sani e Dansi: Dans Als Een Uiting van Geestelijk Welzijn Onder Slavernij. Het Andere Postkoloniale Oog


Voor dit onderzoek dan identificeer ik mijzelf als van Afro-Surinaamse afkomst uit de arbeidersklasse, in Suriname identificeer ik mij als kriyoro. Ik kom uit een familie die bekend staat voor het uitdragen van cultuur en het moment dat ik mijn moeders achternaam noem gaan er bepaalde deuren voor mij open. Tegelijkertijd heb ik ook weerstand ervaren, met name in het onderzoek naar Afro-Surinaamse dans, want ”nee, jullie zijn bezig met afkodrey sani, afgoderij”…

Research: Stories of Solidarity


It is with great pride that I can announce that I am part of a team representing Netherlands/Suriname/USA, Mexico, South Africa, and Pakistan. My team members and I are engaging communities as part of an ISS (International Institute of Social Sciences) sponsored initiative. During the Covid lockdown wonderful stories were being shared about solidarity and support in The Hague. However some stories were absent or misrepresented. Through storytelling we are going to address that.

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LIVE CAST: Pakhuis de Zwijger
From now on… according to Aminata Cairo
Our education system will be driven by courageous people, committed to action. With guestspeaker Saran Stewart.
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Perfectly Imperfect StoriesStories for families, children and the young at heart.  Stories from all over the world in multiple languages.  On facebook live at Aminata Cairo Consultancy.
17.00 CET
Tak’ Tori: Adult Story TimeAminata Cairo reads samples from her upcoming book and shares a folk tale.  On facebook live at Aminata Cairo Consultancy.
21.00 CET

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Let me be clear
What I do do is pro-human work…Aminata cairo Let me be clear… I don't do anti-racism work. I also don't do anti-sexism, anti-agism, anti-LGBTQ+-phobia work, or any other anti-ism work. What I do do is pro-human work and try to engage and reach and stir that what makes us human and hope to inspire us to be the best and most decent human beings we can be. And IF …


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